Care Hospital Information System by iSPIRAL

Management of  procedures in any organization can  be challenging. Having in mind that the end users of a health institution are patients, makes  management for organisations such as clinics and hospitals  a more challenging task to handle.

Loss of time, mismanagement of procedures and, to certain degree, lack of accuracy in decision making, can easily occur if a software solution is not endorsed by health institutions, of any scale and volume. The iSPIRALCare Hospital Information System is a holistic solution covering all aspects of operations across a hospital or a clinic.

As with most software automation systems, one of its basic benefits is integration of resources with sharing of information across departments. Complex and high volume information is handled timely and effectively. Front line entities in the provision of health care – nurses and doctors – have a clear view of appointment schedules, patient’s profile and are, thus, able to plan and assess their needs. On the other hand, a Hospital Information System reflects a general image of the hospital by providing financial indications, inventory statements and other important outlooks on the financial status of organizations.

In the search to provide solutions that go beyond basic requirements, iSPIRALhas developed an even more advanced automation for Health Institutions by offering a more in-depth tool with regards to Resources Planning, a system that provides fine tuning in electronic administration of medical cases.

iSPIRAL works constantly in finding best case scenarios across areas of business activity, and the healthcare industry bears no exception to that.

Some of the basic features of the Care Hospital Information System include the following:

  • Appointment scheduling features
  • Electronic Chart for outpatients
  • Patient Registry Features
  • Electronic Chart for Inpatients
  • Documents Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Exporting Reports Capabilities
  • Billing
  • Laboratory Module
  • Radiology module
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