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 “Bring your Child at Work Day” by iSPIRAL

Parents and children had the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy their day as part of the initiative: “Bring your child  at work Day” organised by iSPIRAL.

Members of iSPIRAL team spent time with the children through various creative and constructive activities. The parents showcased mom and dad’s workplace, tried to describe as best as possible how they spent their working time at iSPIRAL and reaffirmed once more the children’s own preferences in their professional path. As it turns out the professions: teacher, doctor, paleontologist and footballer, rank first in their prefered path of occupation!

iSPIRAL actively supports activities aimed at enhancing the reconciliation of working and family life. Offering flexible working hours, supporting employees so as to avoid the clash of family responsibilities with professional life, iSPIRAL aspires to become an employer of choice.

It adopts equal employment practices for men and women in the workplace, organises training seminars and gatherings to enhance lifelong learning opportunities and implements additional activities, which strengthen employment development and advancement.

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