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Africa Chapter – iSPIRAL announces its partnership with Zubacx

Being a leading RegTech provider in Europe, iSPIRAL is continuously expanding in new markets across the globe. The firm’s clientele currently feature firms with an international scale of operations and headquartered in 8 different countries. As of now, iSPIRAL maintains offices in two countries and partnerships across the European continent.

Mission Africa

On the 7th of January, 2021,  iSPIRAL signed a partnership with Zubacx. This agreement indicates that Zubacx will be the newest partner of iSPIRAL in fighting financial crime and money laundering.

Zubacx is an African based company with offices in Uganda, Burundi, Ghana, Rwanda, and Tanzania. The Technology Provider employs 40 professionals and has over 25 years of experience in helping companies achieve a technological culture.

The firm’s main objective is to generate and maintain client experiences while creating value and efficiencies for service providers. The company is well established in services such as Electronic Payment Solutions & Enterprise Management Solutions.

Zubacx’s collaboration with iSPIRAL will come to enrich its offerings with cutting-edge regulatory technology solutions powered by machine learning and advanced analytics. This African-based vendor will now be able to distribute Client Onboarding, Anti-Money Laundering, and KYC solutions to its clients.

The global scene

Partnerships are of great importance for iSPIRAL and this can be seen by its collaboration with internationally recognized brands like Netinfo and Logicom and the globally renowned Microsoft. The firm maintains strategic partnerships in key regulatory technology markets like the UK and Spain. Zubacx comes to add to the overseas operations as an African-based Partner which also values the concept of partnerships and open innovation. 


iSPIRAL is a leading regulatory technology software provider delivering state-of-art AML, KYC, Risk, and Compliance solutions. Over the past 11 years, it helped hundreds of organisations meet their compliance and regulatory obligations.

The firm’s expertise spans across various sectors such as Banking, Investment, Forex, Insurance, PSPs, EMIs, Accounting & Audit, Law firms, Telecommunication providers, and Governmental bodies.

iSPIRAL is an exciting case of European success stories in the regulatory technology sector, and the partnership with Zubacx introduces a new challenge called “Africa” making for yet another story to watch up-close!

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