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ACAMS Cyprus Chapter’s webinar – Aftermath

ACAMS Cyprus Chapter’s webinar on Game-Changing tactics and knowledge needed to transform your client remote Onboarding processes successfully took place yesterday and it made for a digital event that you should not miss!

The speaker of yesterday’s webinar was our Managing Director, Christos Ttiniozou and he delivered a well-structured and informative-presentation covering:

  • Digital Identity – FATF Guidance overview
  • Benefits, Risks and Challenges when using Digital ID systems
  • Risk Assessment and Digital ID Systems
  • Liveness, eDV, Biometrics, OCR, eIDV, Video Identification, AML screening, IP address Analysis/Geolocation Analysis, Smart Questionnaire
  • Orchestrate your Client Remonte Onboarding Processes

ACAMS Cyprus Chapter is intended to provide a platform for AML and general compliance professionals in Cyprus, across all industries and professional practices, regulators and law enforcement, for the enhancement of knowledge, personal development and exchange of experiences and expertise on anti-money laundering and countering terrorist financing.

Being a leading regulatory technology in Cyprus, iSPIRAL supported the event as its scope and values are aligned with the goals of ACAMS Cyprus Chapter. Our RegTek+ solution comes to redefine the way compliance officers work and help firms stay in-line with the latest regulations effortlessly. 

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