Manage your AML and Compliance – Introducing the Premium AML & KYC Compliance Software. Business should not be about Risk and Penalties!

Ensuring compliance within the business environment of Forex / Investment and Payment Services can seem a daunting task to handle at times, if not always.

The framework under which companies operate is based on continuous regulatory assessments, enforcement of Anti –Money Directives, risk management efforts and controls.

Grasping the complexity of the above compliance requirements, iSPIRAL has developed a comprehensive and complete solution that enables effective risk control and management: the “Premium AML & KYC Compliance Software”.

Ensuring risk evaluation throughout the client relationship is deeply embedded in the features of the solution. An additional, however strong dynamic, is the solution’s ability to ensure good management of business relations by providing case management and mitigating actions.

The basic features of the platform include KYC, Transaction Monitoring and Profiling, Case Management, Complaint Management, as well as the Call assessment – with an integrated Speech to Text Engine. Special mention should be made for the speech to text engine integration, as it is the most innovative inclusion yet in the platform. It identifies wrongdoings in communication on behalf of account managers and helps organizations increase their levels of quality and transparency.

The Integration Source engine Module completes the innovative character of this automation, as it integrates with internal databases (WorldCheck, WorldCompliance, MT4, MT5, etc) adding to its functionality.

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