Business Executives from the Financial Sector and especially Administrative Service Provides are often called upon to assist their clients manage their international presence. In order to establish such a business presence the granting of Residency and Citizenship permit must be obtained first, a process which “demands” a number of reporting documents to be  submitted to the relevant authorities. The Immigration Module offers a most comprehensive software solution to this straining process reducing the time and effort dedicated to this task. The fast process characteristic of the solution facilitates documentation and reporting that may otherwise require a magnitude of working hours on behalf of personnel.


  • Keeps up to date record of information for the Investor, as well as connected entities to investor (next of kin: spouse, children)
  • Determines in advance all information needed for submitting application for Investor, as well as information for next of kin to Investor 
  • Keeps track of all communication relating to Investor  e.g. email  communication that has been exchanged
  • Provides a clear Investor's profile ("storage" of all relevant attachments in one place: e.g. Passport, Identity, Proof of Investment etc.)
  • Alerts users on expiring documents in order to take action
  • Alerts users when duration of application examination has passed to take action
  • Adds new information on Investor, as well as connected entities to investor
  • Processes-Submitting Relevant Reports as requested by Civil Registry and Immigration Department:
    • Citizenship Required Documents:  M127
    • Work Permits Required Documents: MBCS 2
    • Permanent Residency Required Documents: MIP 1, Fast Track (Affidavit for Interests from Deposits, Shares, Rents)
    • Visitor Permit  Required Documents: MVIS 3
    • Registration Certificate (Yellow Slip): MEU1, MEU2
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