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If you are interested in joining our company, please send your CV via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’ll keep your CV in our database and our Human Resources team will contact you once there’s a open vacancy.
Meet our Team Below

Christos TtiniozouChristos Ttiniozou
Managing Director

The Managing Director, Christos is integral to iSPIRAL. A leader, mentor, and visionary, Christos is responsible for formulating the strategic vision, executing our business objectives, and building and guiding the iSPIRAL team. Always at the forefront of technological advancements and updates on regulations and requirements pertaining to the solution’s dynamics, he backs his innovation and skilled leadership with more than 20 years of experience in the field. His passion for knowledge and excellence extends beyond the workplace: both an avid reader and ardent climber, Christos enjoys achieving new heights across the board.

Tasos TtiniozouTasos Ttiniozou
Executive Director

The Executive Director, Anastasios is the driving force behind translating client visions into achievable, successful goals. Bringing his considerable technical acumen to bear on the project management of software and web applications, Tasos is well-versed in tailoring comprehensive technological solutions to fit the unique needs of each client. His performance-driven approach, grasp of strategy, and empowering leadership also translate to everyday life: a keen sportsman with a love of travelling, a constant thirst for knowledge has allowed Tasos to experience countries and cultures the world over.

Kyriakos KyriakidesKyriakos Kyriakides
Senior Software Developer/Analyst

With years of practice in and extensive knowledge of the field of software engineering, Kyriakos is the man behind the design, development, and maintenance of all iSPIRAL’s software and systems. A solution-finder, our Senior Software Developer and Analyst is adept at unravelling technical complexities, and well-known in the industry for leading his team to success after success. Always patient, professional, and hard-working, Kyriakos relaxes by travelling to delightfully unusual destinations around the globe.

Maria KyriakouMaria Kyriakou
Software Developer

Resourceful, persistent, and driven to achieve perfection in all she does, Maria is a highly accomplished software developer. Both logical and creative, she applies her keen knowledge of software engineering to the design and evaluation of iSPIRAL’s software and services, while also employing her social expertise in providing tailored customer support. Passionate about everything she touches, Maria is also the office’s resident football expert.

Marina SizinouMarina Sizinou
Senior Business Analyst

As iSPIRAL’s Senior Business Analyst, Marina boasts more than 10 years of industry experience in sectors ranging from financial to shipping, hospitality, investment, and insurance. Known for her sharp decision-making and her ability to deliver effective solutions to resolve clients’ needs and issues, her propensity for analysis and research translates seamlessly into her passion for comprehensively-planned trips to exotic destinations.

Charikleia ZachariadouCharikleia Zachariadou
Sofware Developer

Analytical and dedicated, Charikleia is an expert at producing the outstanding software which merits great results. This professional software developer excels at teamwork, assisting her colleagues across all phases of any and every project. Known for bringing valuable new ideas to the table, her love of innovation is also evidenced by her passion for exciting new travel destinations.

Irene LambrouIrene Lambrou
Sofware Developer

Achieving quality of service through hard work and dedication, Irene is known for always going the extra mile when it comes to a solution’s functionality and capabilities. Her exemplary communication skills and understanding of the client’s requirements are second to none – an epicure in both work and play, Irene is our resident gastronome, passionate about quality food and fine wines.

Irene GeorgiouIrene Georgiou
Sales & Marketing Manager

Multi-talented, and a communication, teamwork, and organisational specialist, Irene is an invaluable asset to company and clientele. With 10 years of experience in sales and marketing, she’s an expert at building relationships and engagement while creating and maintaining a positive work environment for those around her. Out of the office, Irene’s love of learning and innovation make her both a well-versed film buff and ardent bibliophile.

Giorgos MoleskisGiorgos Moleskis
Sofware Developer

A detailed and dedicated developer, Giorgos pairs his strong analytical skills with a focus on the task at hand to produce excellent software. Assisting the team throughout the many phases of any project, his understanding of software applications and required solutions, coupled with his enthusiasm for teamwork, are vital to the company. This zest for life also serves Giorgos well out of office in his love of fitness and – in particular – the game of tennis.

Andreas MichaelAndreas Michael
Sofware Developer

A skilled programmer with a bent for producing high quality robust software, Andreas uses his thorough analytical talents to deliver logical solutions to the problems and issues encountered by clients. With his innate understanding of business processes, his forte as a programmer is equalled only by his strength as an online game player...

Panayiotis AlexandrouPanayiotis Alexandrou
Software Developer

Versatility and innovation characterise Panayiotis’ approach to software engineering. Both creative and analytical, he has a particular aptitude for evaluating technological issues and overcoming obstacles with ground-breaking solutions.... Skills which serve him well out of the office, where he employs his talents in both gaming and in learning new languages.

Stella KyriakouStella Kyriacou
Graphic/Web Designer

Creativity and originality are Stella’s watchwords, though this graphic and web designer also excels at organisation and teamwork. Working closely with both team and client to execute and perfect brand image, Stella’s 12 years of experience and attention to creative visual detail are a distinct advantage to both company and clientele.  

Chris KoufarisChris Koufaris
Business Consultant

An expert in the MEA and Far East Markets, Chris is a valuable addition to the iSPIRAL team. Having served as a CFO and CEO with international businesses in the Financial, Manufacturing, and Logistics sectors, he provides valuable support and in-depth knowledge to those international businesses which use Cyprus as a base for holding companies or regional operations.

Bobbi KoufariBobbi Koufari
Business Consultant

With her extensive expertise in International Financial Reporting Standards and both Chartered and Certified Accountancy, Bobbi is iSPIRAL’s expert Money Laundering Compliance Officer, tasked with verifying the identity of clients and retaining client identification records. She regularly delivers seminars on subjects such as Continuous Professional Development, ISA compliance, and various audit-related matters.








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