The competition challenges and the current demands of the wine production process including all the stages from grapes' production in the vineyards to the operation and commercial management in the wineries, cannot be resolved by old fashioned methods and tools.

iSPIRAL in cooperation with CGSoft in response to the daily needs for a software solution that combines a full ERP and a software application for monitoring the production process, has developed and now offers to the market the most modern, integrated information system for the production management and operation. This system can assist both wineries and vineyards.


  • Records parcels' data with and without georeference in detail (planting system, etc.)
  • Records soil and leaf analysis data, as well as growth and climate measurements
  • Manages and records actions and formulations used by phenological stage
  • Records diseases and pests by plot or by vine
  • Manages the production and harvesting declarations by farmer and in total
  • Is connected with electronic weighing machines and monitors automatically multiple simultaneous weightings
  • Controls kg /ha and adjusts the production to the requirements for designation OPAP, local, etc.
  • Records the conversion from kilos to liters of must and also calculates the wastage in the separator of grapes from the stems, the press etc.
  • Monitors the wine makers and the consumption of wine products during the processes of clarification, filtering or cooling
  • Monitors the production of the side-products and the by- products of the wine (pomace, lees, etc.)
  • Manages the data and the content of available containers at multiple production lines
  • Records the dates and the tasks of filling and transfusion in barrels and also keeps full details of bottling
  • Records tasting reports, aging data and manage semi-finished products and private labels products
  • Supports full history by batch, varieties, harvest, etc and provides traceability
  • Provides detailed costings and a full audit for exports

The solution also includes a complete ERP with embedded information systems such as (BI) and customer relationship (CRM) systems, in order to provide to the user a superb functional and technological environment characterized by integration, operational completeness, expandability, reliability and connectivity between production and commercial management and marketing. These features are offered at an affordable price and low maintenance costs. 

Additionally, the software application can be expanded to support many other products such as eShop, Mobile, ICT etc; in order to respond to the needs of Cypriot organisations.

The software application can provide to the winemaker / viticulturist:

  • Rapid increase in productivity
  • Reduction in production costs
  • Friendly environment for the users
  • Strong response to the competition
  • Direct and usable business information, for making successful business decisions

Operational problems occurred in the past have now been resolved, the managers and the employees know where, when and how to act to continue the improvement of the company with the necessary safety and product quality.

The National Association of Graduate Enologists awarded this software in a competition held in 2012 at OENORAMA exhibition. Numerous small and large enterprises that operate in the wine sector and also various Greek Schools (School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, Department of Enology of Technological Educational Institute of Athens) presented our product as an exemplary Greek software platform. This proves the effectiveness it offers to winemakers and also the technological superiority of the product and the high expertise of both the iSPIRAL and CGSoft team who designed it.


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