This is a software solution for property valuations.



  • Entering data for contacts and option for their categorisation (Client, Banker, Partner, Law Firm)
  • Historical tracking of notes for each contact based on Sheet/Plan of Cadastral Plan and Department 
  • Data entry for expropriation based on Sheet/Plan of Cadastral Plan and Department and their connection with Clients and Law Firms from the Contacts
Architectural Drawings
  • Data entry based on Sheet/Plan of Cadastral Plan and Department
  • Addition of attachments

Ability to Import Data for old (existing system) estimates from Excel or manually


  • Data entry of COS, SALES from system ( from excel)
  • Automatical display of COS, SALES, which have in common the Sheet/Plan of Cadastral Plan and Department, with an estimate that is in progress
  • Entering data for banks (Account Number, Delivery Date after X working days) and their branches
Districts / Zones
  • Entry of Zones and of multiple rates for each zone
  • Possibility of mass adding of zones in each municipality / Municipal Council
  • Automatic insertion of appropriate coefficients in each property
  • Ability to import unlimited templates for each section ( Title ) estimating
    • (* To add new sections there should be customization)
  • Correlation of Templates by District, City/Municipality and Parish. At each property assessment templates who have to do with District, Municipality/Community and Parish are filtered
  • Addition of Customer, Bank from the system data
  • Auto Fill of delivery date depending on the weekdays each Bank asks
  • AutoShow of Contacts Notes Contacts, Expotriations, Architectural Drawings, Estimates of old system, COS / SALES with common Sheets, Property Plans and Sections of an ongoing assessment
  • Entry of only valid cadastral correspondences (a combination Sheet/Plan, Item or Land Draft, item) for each property
  • Entry of attachments for each property
  • Ability to import multiple Templates for a Title
  • Ability to add images to Templates
  • Ability to transfer an estimate to a system user. The user can see the Reserved estimates when he/she opens the program
  • Automatic generation of reports in PDF or Word
Invoices / Payments
  • Multiple payment on each invoice
  • Ability to change the invoice number and history of previous numbers 
  • Ability of Printing invoices and receipts