Staff Management is a software solution that automates the process of leave policies, leave transactions, etc. It keeps records for all the leave requests, etc.



Leave Police Definition

  • Manage your employees details in one view, keeping information about their timetable per day and the total allowable leave hours per year
  • Define and configure multiple leave types like Personal Leave, Sick Leave, Maternity Leave, Army Leave etc.
  • Ability to carry forward the remaining leave hours
  • Define the public holiday list for each year
  • Handle holidays leaves hours or unpaid leaves which are not counted


Leave Transactions

  • Facility to massive approve or reject leave hours from manager, quickly
  • Facility to inform Employees via email or text message about the manager’s decision


 Leave Reports

  • Ability to generate predefined reports on employee leave data
  • Export the bank leave statement that presents the remaining leave hours of each employee per year.
  • Export the leave request statement that presents the status of the all leave requests
  • Ability to print a grid view of the staff availability, depending on the leaves per day