Client Management
  • Manage employees details
  • Automatic user account creation for each employee added
  • Create teams by defining team members
Employee Management
  • Manage details about your employees
  • Manage employee's case tasks
  • Keep history of completed task
Case Management
  • Keep information about all your cases & assign defendants about court decisions, lawyers, associates, witnesses and hearings.
  • Create contracts between the client and the lawyer who handled the particular client
  • Create and manage wills
  • Manage the Consulting Services offered to clients and afterword convert the consulting service to a new case
Time & Billing
  • Create pro forma and invoices, adding predefined charges or expenses.
    • Get the predefined fees of process servers per location, whenever a process server must be dispatched to a case’s member
Custom Alerts
  • Define reminders regarding cases, wills, consulting services and general appointments.
Document Management
  • Create and edit legal documents
    • Attach existing documents to any case, making the information accessible to the rest users.