Warehouse Management
  • Manage employees details
  • Automatic user account creation for each employee added
  • Create teams by defining team members
Supplier – Purchases Management
  • Creation of Supplier Profile
  • Credit Policy
  • Import costing (import file) with pro-rates
  • Real-time information relating to purchasing orders, inventory and payment data
  • Voucher modification process
  • Payments and invoicing   
Customer – Sales Management
  • Creation of Customer Profile
  • Transaction codification (series, voucher, types, receipt types)
  • Turnover and discount processes
  • Credit Policy
  • Voucher modification process
  • Invoices and payment collection
  • Forecast sales and set targeted sales
  • Maintenance and extended parameterization
Customer Order Management
  • Full tracking of orders
  • Automatic status update
  • Orders History
  • Total or selective order cancelation process
  • Dynamic and automatic collection / picking up solution
  • Consignment approval
  • Collection completion (picking and packing)
  • Quality Control Process
  • Sales voucher modification process
Purchase Order Management
  • Full tracking of orders and offers
  • Offers and orders classification
  • Automatic status update
  • Orders History
  • Total or selective order cancellation process
  • Approved vendors list
  • Quality Control system
  • Picking up process
  • Sales voucher modification process
Financial Management
  • Immediate visibility into financial performance
  • Comprehensive financial and operational reports (e.g. balance sheet, income& expenditure)
  • Cost reallocation scenarios
  • Automatic creation of VAT declaration
  • Collective list of invoices
  • Submission of balances
  • Budgeting, Forecasting & Planning
  • Consolidations and Eliminations of entries
  • Ability to print necessary documents (e.g. tax return form)
  • Issue of retail receipts
  • Issue of invoices and automatic application of company’s policy
  • Quick and flexible item entry using barcodes
  • Centralized processing of merchandise returns
  •  Flexible customer look-up
  • Easily track cash flow in the cash register