The eCITY Building Permit Module helps you improve productivity by organising complex processes involved in managing development and community projects. Event driven tasks automatically schedule notifications, proceedings and other critical deadlines and milestones.

eCITY Building Permit ensures the process runs smoothly by automating the key tasks for administrators, reviewers, inspectors and everyone else involved in a project.

Systen Highlights

  • Create new permits and fees
  • Payment for multiple items
  • Enter applicant information online
  • Multiple contacts per application
  • Permits and sub-permits
  • View permit history
  • Accept deposits
  • Automate fee calculation
  • Duplicate a permit for new location
  • Auto-check contractor requirements
  • Create and assign tasks
  • Schedule reviews and inspections
  • Notifications for new tasks
  • View pending tasks and history
  • Project tracking and mapping system
  • Attach documentation
  • Powerful search
  • Highly configurable interface
  • Data archiving and security
  • Data shared with all departments
  • Configurable pick lists
  • Seamless integration with all modules


The Department of Technical Services Management System (DTSMS) is a software solution that manages citizens’ applications for building and division permits, tracks the state of the applications and based on predefined terms calculates the total fees he must pay in order to have his application issued. 



  • All the information for an application is accessible in one screen instead of many documents
  • Many users can access the same application at the same time and perform actions
  • Minimization of human error since all the calculations are automated and the system disables actions that have uncompleted prerequisite actions.




Applicant Management

  • Keep track of all the applicant information
  • Google Maps  integration gives the option to view the address claimed for building or division. The user can check the progress of the work done without the need to physically be there


Application Management

  • Automatic load of the required documents based on the application type
  • Tracking of the current state of the application
  • User messages to warn the user for uncompleted tasks
  • Blocking of task execution in case of uncompleted prerequisite actions
  • Calculation of the total fees the applicant must pay based on predefined terms in government official documents
  • Option to print reports to inform the client about the fees with analytical calculations according to the area value
  • An SMS message is automatically sent to the applicant when the application approval process is complete.



The system is fully customizable: The user can add his own required documents, edit reports and change or add government terms. 



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