eCITY  Business Licenses software application automates your business licensing and renewal processing.

This system helps ensure that all phases of license issuance, renewal processing, and payment processing are handled in a timely manner. Business Licenses is a flexible application that you can tailor to meet your specific licensing needs.


System Highlights

  • Conforms to your fee schedule by providing flexible fee calculations
  • Facilitates entry and retrieval by business and license records by allowing quick access to license information
  • Increases flexibility of the license renewal process by allowing multiple licensing periods
  • Provides forms that can be adapted to fit your renewal notice and license printing formats
  • Purge master and historical information


System Details

  • Fee Calculations - calculate fees using a base fee plus additional charges
  • Invoicing - using eCITY’s Accounts Receivable application
  • Penalty Calculations - calculate penalties against licenses
  • Partial-year fee calculations
  • Numerous Search Methods - retrieve information about business licenses or license records using a variety of search methods. 
  • License Classifications - establish license classifications that define your business licensing processes
  • Flexible License and Renewal Notice - generate and print renewal notices and licenses
  • Lists and Reports - Business class, Annual Renewal and more
  • Inquiry - Ability to search for license information by a variety of criteria
  • Integration with eCITY’s financial applications - use Business Licenses with Cash Receipting to automate your license payment processing.