The Electricity Bills for Town halls Management System(EBTMS) is a software solution that keeps track of the consumption of electricity accounts of a Town Hall. Through an excel import manager the user loads the account statement sent from the Electricity Authority into the system. The EBTMS creates a history of consumptions for each account  and informs the user for any suspicious activity for e.g. Accounts with significantly lower consumption compared to the previous year or accounts with no consumption. The Management system gives the option to add new accounts or replace/disable an account counter. It can generate a statement of accounts pending payment and notifies the user if a specific duration has passed and some accounts are not paid.



Import Wizard

  • Checks for errors in the format of data e.g. non number where a decimal should be
  • Imports the excel data with the account information and elecrticity consumption into the system


Account Management

  • View the consumption history of the account
  • If the system detects any suspicious activity the consumption is highlighted and the user is notified
  • The user has the option to add a consumption manually instead of importing it from the import wizard. The system automatically fills some data e.g. initial consumption of current month is the final consumption of the previous month. 


Payment of Accounts Wizard

  • Easily pay many accounts based on the period, and vat category


Account Payments

  • View the history of each payment and which accounts were paid with the specific payment



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