Employee management
  • Manage employees details
  • Automatic user account creation for each employee added
  • Create teams by defining team members
Client Management
  • Add basic client info, assign vat category to client, choose the account manager, and define the services provided to him.
  • Connect contacts, files and bank accounts associated with the client.
  • Connect processes templates with the client.
  • Manage bearer cheques.
Process setup
  • Create your own process templates - choose the activities related to the process
  • Define whether or not the process is recurring and the recurrence period (e.g. monthly, yearly, semester, and quarterly)
  • Define task priority and set reminders
VAT Categories
  • The current VAT categories (A,B,C) and the starting and ending months are included
  • Ability to add new categories or modify existing ones
  • Process recurrence based on the VAT category of the client
Process management
  • Assign employees, deadlines, fees, estimated fees and priority
  • View assigned pending process activities
  • Set activity action (pending, ignore, cancel, done)
  • Accounting report - View the completed, uncompleted processes per account manager per year and the total estimated fee, actual fee and invoiced fee.
  • Uncompleted processes - View processes that have started but not yet finished
  • Pending processes - View processes assigned to employees that have not yet started
  • Assigned current activity: View your immediate next activity to do in the process
  • Deadlines: View processes that have exceeded or are about to exceed the deadline date


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